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Residential Propane Services

We supply our valued customers with the necessary tanks and regulators, and professionally install the supply lines to your house. Learn more about how propane can benefit you!

For our home heating customers, we supply a 500-gallon or 330-gallon tank, with no annual lease fee. This is based on usage of 1-1/2 tanks of propane per year. Also, we don't have additional charges for personal property tax, and we don't charge an up-front lease fee.

For most space heating needs or for a temporary heat source, we can supply a 120-gallon tank, with no lease fee, based on usage of 2 tanks of propane per year. Temporary installations are special situations which we can discuss with you on a case by case basis.

We can fill 20-pound, 30- pound and 100-pound tanks at our facility, located at the intersection of State Routes 98 and 598. We also have a filling facility in Ontario (3851 West 4th St.). We are also proud to offer propane services tailored to the specific needs of commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. Please call us prior to bringing these tanks to be filled so we can efficiently serve you.

Normal Terms are net 30 days -- The bill is due when the propane is delivered, but there is a 30-day period during which it can be paid without any interest being charged.

Budget Programs are available -- which are based on a monthly payment schedule. Payments begin in the middle of summer and extend through the next spring. It is a convenience we offer, by trying to work out with the customer a payment schedule that is based on their estimated fuel usage as well as trying to accommodate their personal budget.

Prebuy can be used to lock in a price per gallon, and is offered in late summer or early fall. We will set the price and terms in late summer, and then anyone can take advantage of the program by following the terms and conditions for the upcoming heating season. This is an excellent way to protect yourself from the normally increased cost of propane in the winter.

Other special programs can be structured as needed; please call us to discuss. Being locally owned and operated, we have the advantage of providing necessary flexibility for our customers, plus we provide the service you can count on.

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