No fuel surcharge or HazMat Fees! Local offices staffed for your convenience!
Fuel Oil Services

Cole Distributing, Inc. has been serving the area for 44 years, and we have become
known for our service, integrity and always competitive pricing.  Our extensive experience
provides our customers with assurance of having a supplier who can “take care of them”
in the best possible manner  --   AND WE DO

Our physical facilities are modern, clean and environmentally friendly.  We have one
of the most up-to-date facilities in the area which results in excellent and efficient
deliveries to you. Attention and commitment to our physical facilities puts us as a
leader in the fuel oil delivery field.

The personal relationship you develop with our drivers, office staff, management and others
will provide you with the confidence of having a solid, reputable supplier that will meet
your needs. Our delivery personnel are professionals with CDL's, hazmat
endorsements, and are trained in necessary delivery operations.

Delivery can be scheduled for your convenience by using a courtesy fill based on a
normal once per month delivery (or more or less frequent as your needs require).
Also a "will call" account is possible if your needs are less frequent, or you have
unique circumstances that need to be met.

Normal Terms are net 30 days -- The bill is due when the fuel oil is delivered, however, 
there is a 30 day period during which it can be paid without any interest being charged.

Budget Programs are available -- These are based on a monthly payment schedule.
Payments begin in the middle of the summer and extend through the following spring. 
It is a convenience we offer. We try to work  with the customer and set up a  payment schedule
that is based on their estimated fuel usage and works well with their personal budget.

* We accept: