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In addition to the normal quart to 55 gallon drum quantities, bulk truck delivery of many of the lubricants is also available. Contact us for details on the general line of products we handle.

Automotive Motor Oils
- Straight or multi-weight
- Quarts to 55 gallon drums

VEP Heavy Duty Oils
- SAE 30 for gasoline engines
- Quarts to 55 gallon drums

Commercial Motor Oils
- Heavy duty oil for diesel & gasoline engines
- Straight or multi-weight
- Quarts to 55 gallon drums

Transmission and Hydraulic Fluids
- Dexron III for automatic transmissions
- Marafluid Super HT
(multi-viscosity & all-season)
-Gallons to 55 gallon drums

Gear Oils & Greases
- Multipurpose gear compounds
providing EP protection
- 14 oz tubes to 400 pound drums

Multipurpose Hydraulic Antiwear ISO Oils
- ISO’s from 22 to 150
- Quarts to 55 gallon drums

- Gallons to 55 gallon drums

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
- Download the flyer

Other Related Products
- 2-cycle oils, etc
- many others not listed

* Please call for more details.

If you would like more information on any of our lubricant products, please contact us
or select one of the following company links for additional information.